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Welcome to Liza's Pampered Paws
Full Time Professional Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Service
  1. Do You feel guilty leaving your pet unattended at home all day?
  2. Are you forgoing your much needed vacation because you don't want to leave your precious pets in a kennel?
  3. Does your pet hate the car ride, making the trips to and from the boarding kennel torturous?
  4. Do You have so many pets that in order to board them all you feel the need to take out a second mortgage?
  5. Does your pet go on a hunger-strike or get sick every time you travel?
  6. Are you new to the area without family or a trusted friend to care for your pet while you are away?
If you answered yes to any of these let me tell you why Liza's Pampered Paws, pet sitting service is worth giving a try.
  1. Liza's Pampered Paws can provide your pet with daily walks, play time, potty breaks and TLC.  We also administer needed medications, as well as recheck/refill food and water.
  2. Our mission is to help you have peace of mind while you're away from home and to give your pets the same feeling of love, security and an overall feeling of well being as they would receive from you.  We do this by giving them the care they are accustomed to receiving, while allowing them to remain in their familiar surroundings.  We find that pets are happier and stay healthier when they are in their own home with the same routine.
  3. Because our services come to you there would be no need to unnecessarily traumatize a pet that hates car rides.
  4. You will find that Liza's Pampered Paws has rates that are competitive with other at home pet sitters in the area, even those that are not insured.  If you have more than one pet you will even find that our rates are competitive with the rates you find at a basic boarding kennel.
  5. Many reputable veterinarians will recommend you find an at home pet sitter for those pets that suffer from various stress related health problems such as irritable bowel syndrome.  Since Liza's Pampered Paws comes to your pet's environment this will alleviate the added stress of travel, and being in a strange place.  Which, added stress is known to cause not only a simple upset stomach but, can also weaken your pets immune system thus putting them at rick for other health problems.
  6. Since we are professional, insured, pet care providers you can depend on the job being done right.  We will be happy to provide you with references upon request.  Liza's Pampered Paws has trusted back up pet sitters that carry their own insurance and bond. This insures no gaps in the service of your pets in the event of an emergency or a planned time out for Liza.
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