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Fees and Services*
$0 Initial Consultation
Every new client will receive a free initial consultation, that takes place in your home, at a time that is convenient for you.  This consultation is completed so you can become acquainted with your pet sitter and you can make a decision on whether you feel that your pet and home are in capable, caring hands.  In addition, the pet sitter will become acquainted with you and your pet so a suitable care plan can be created to meet all of your pet's needs.

Pet Sitting
Our services average 20 minutes in duration and include, but are not limited to: feeding, fresh water, exercising, walking or letting out, playtime, petting & affection, treats, sifting the litter box, poop scooping, clean up accidents, administering any needed medications, and changing out potty pads.  Also includes bringing in the mail and newspaper, taking out trash, light plant care, alternating lights and blinds or draperies, key return and any other reasonable requested service.

Dogs Only:
  • $16-$20 Standard per visit rate.  If your dog has access to a dog door, one visit per day may be all that is necessary.  For dogs with no access to a dog door I recommend no less than three visits per day.  For puppies and dogs with bladder problems you may be able to reserve up to four visits per day while you are away.
  • $15-$17 Standard daily (two or more times a week on a regular basis) dog walking rate. This service is based on a 15 to 20 minute midday visit.  This service is ideal for those of you who have long days at the office, or go on regular extended day trips and have a young puppy, elderly dog or just one that can't hold it.  Included in this service is a potty and exercise break, either walking on leash or in a fenced yard; administering needed medication, and checking/refilling food and water.  If needed accident clean up and poop scooping where required.
Cats Only:
  • $15-$20 Standard per visit rate includes checking/refilling food and water; litter box scooping, administering needed medications, and play time.
Exotic Animals:
  • Will be discussed at the time of the initial consultation visit.
Dogs, Cats and/or Exotics combined:
  • More than likely the same as the Dogs Only price.
Overnight boarding at my home:
  • On rare occasions I will board a client's pet in my home. The fee will be discussed at the time of the initial call or email. (The pet must be house and crate trained and able to get along with cats and other dogs.)   Must make arrangements at least one week in advance.

Overnight Pet Sitting In Your Home:
  • Not available at this time.  I can refer you to a pet sitter who may be willing to provide that service for you.
*All Fees and services quoted above are based on the average pet sitting service. My service area is from the Panama City Beach side of the Hathaway bridge, to Richard Jackson Blvd.  Fees will be discussed before the contract is signed at the time of the initial consultation visit.  Fees are based on the number of pets, the distance from my home office and services requested.
Payment Information:
>If visits are for a period lasting more than one week, I request 1/2 of the fees up front, all others are due upon your return home.  For regular daily visits, payments will be due at the end of each week.
>Checks should be made payable to Liza's Pampered Paws and mailed to 2418 Valley Oak Court, Panama City Beach, FL 32408
>I am sorry but, I cannot accept credit cards at this time.
>There is a minimum service charge of $28 on all return checks.
The above services may be scheduled for arrival times between 6:30am. through 9:20pm., 7 days a week including holidays. Depending on your location you may schedule up to 4 visits per day. *On Holidays and weekends, visits may be cut a little short due to time constraints.  Check below for days I will not be available.
Please be sure to check here for dates I will NOT be Available for pet sitting services and information on back up sitters.
I am going to take some time off between February 25th and March 3rd for some much needed R&R. I also may not be available for pet sitting from August 2, 2018 through August 6, 2018. Please, when making your plans, keep in mind there will be other days I take off, at the spur of the moment, to go spend time with family and friends, or for emergencies. I should be reachable by phone most days and if not and you need emergence pet care, Michelle Miller, owner of At Home Comforts pet sitting will have access to my keys. Her number is (850)774-3840.  There is also Joann Pitman, owner of Laketown Wolf Pet Sitting, (813)304-6645; and Mary Jo Peterson owner of Always There Pet Sitting, her number is (815)762-5899.  All three of these ladies are independent pet sitters and prices may vary from mine; be sure to ask beforehand if that is a concern.
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